The Ethics of Pickles.

It's just a pickle, right?

Pickles are simple, beautiful things, best enjoyed in the company of those we love. They are salty and sour, sometimes crisp, sometimes sweet. But what's in a pickle?

Who picked your pickle? Who sliced it and put it in that jar? Who was behind the seasoning? We probably don't ask ourselves questions like these too often. Even an experienced pickle enthusiast might settle for the common "Bread and Butter," found on a shelf of our favorite grocery store. But really, have you given that pickle the thought it requires to be savored to the fullest of its capacity?

Well, our feeling is that pickles are a wonderful metaphor for just about any other food or product one might purchase. Such a simple and enjoyable treat as a pickle or an apple, or indeed, a loaf of bread is made all the more lovely by virtue of its origins.  And so, into every menu we create is an investment, a labor of love, an effort to do something right... right down to the pickles. 

We are committed to sourcing the best produce and meats, relishes, jams and jellies that our beautiful state has to offer. That's why we're working with local farm to source those mighty cucumbers, the succulent meat products, and sweet spreads that you'll find us serving on any old day. By doing so, we are hoping to sustain the artisans and farmers that keep Arkansas interesting. So, when you purchase food from us, not only are you supporting two families who love our state and are committed to keeping it beautiful, but you are also supporting a host of farmers, beekeepers, brewers, and artisans and their families. 

Isn't is nice to know that you can do can help to fuel the local economy, support sustainable farming practices, and feed families.. just by dining with us?

In that sense, a pickle is not a simple thing. It is an experience that is connected to the communities around us -  it becomes this powerful agent of change - a thing to behold, really! 

So, relish in the fact that you are a world changer, a cog in the great wheel of commerce, a revolutionary of sorts. We believe when you invest in small, sustainable business, you're helping to make the world a more beautiful place for your children and ours.

Think about that next time you're enjoying a pickle!