Not So Long Ago Lived Two Peasant Children...

a little boy and little girl.  Their parents were of the greatest sort!  The mother was a princess and the daughter of a Wizard King!  The father was the finest warrior in the Great Wheat Fields! However, the Wizard King had forsaken his daughter for marrying a lowly warrior, for they were of mixed blood and drank of the magic pond water a little too often.

Banished to anther land, the Warrior and the Princess raised their children in the hollow of an old Magnolia tree in the land of the Hot Forest People far away from either of their homes.  They had little money and the land was very strange!  The fish were shaped like rectangles and came from boxes. The vegetables grew from round metal tins.  And, the bread was soft and white, but was shaped like a square and had no taste at all!

As poor and strange as they may have been, the two children, Auggie and Tiffy, made friends with the Hot Forest children.  But then one day, the Princess, greatly desiring the smoke sticks and black bean juice from her youth, left the Hot Forest for the Ratty Wetlands down South.  She was sure to find plenty of both there!  So she hopped on her tricycle and pedaled herself all the way to her homeland!

The Warrior was very dismayed having lost the love of his life and the mother of his children! So, he immediately remarried. In only three months time, the children had a new mother! Her name was Grima.

Grima was not as sweet as the Princess, but the tree hollow was always clean.  She was always sweeping and wiping.  She could not understand how the children lived as they did before she had come along!

A few years more passed, and the family was fairly settled with their new mother, Grima.  However, life was different for them in many ways.  Grima had slowly caused discord between the Warrior and his children.  They felt unwanted by their entire family.  Things seemed to be looking quite unpleasant for Auggie and Tiffy!

But, the children were not children anymore!  They had grown and were now a young warrior and a young princess in their own right!  Together, they left the Hot Forest in search of a new life in an new land. Their journey took many moons and in their search, they found love of their own and started new families.  They each made a daughter born almost on the same day.  Their new families lit up their world with excitement an laughter! Until, one day, it occurred to Auggie and Tiffy that they no longer had to search for new lands. They could make a world of their own where bread was kneaded and baked, vegetables came fresh from the garden, and fish flew out of clear streams!

They were so happy that they made it their new goal to spread good food and love to all those who still ate from boxes and cans and lived in the dark.  And the brother and sister lived happily ever after with their new families!

The End