The WunderBus is a family owned and operated Food Truck and Mobile Catering Unit serving a myriad of Eastern European inspired dishes. We specialize in traditional Germanic Cuisine, utilizing the cornucopia of locally sourced produce and meats that Arkansas has to offer.  

After much calculation and conversation, we determined that with a little extra work, we could still offer quality food using local meat and produce at a reasonable price.  We proudly partner with other Arkansas based businesses so as to offer the very freshest and finest handmade foodstuffs available, while simultaneously contributing to the local economy and giving back to our community and our environment.

Any small business is at its best when it is grounded in human connection.  The nature of small business is one that depends upon and contributes to the concept of community, wherever that community may be.  

We will own and operate a business that is built upon the principles of responsibility, compassion, community, and the contribution to and preservation of our natural world. We believe that it is possible to make a living doing what you love - putting people always before profits.  

Our hope is to feed our families and yours while being the change we want to see in the world.