..:::From our cherished customers:::..


"Been so excited to try this food truck and yesterday at Harvestfest I finally got the chance! Lived up to the hype! It's tough enough to find German food around town so this is a sight for sore eyes. All local ingredients too, so get out there and support these guys if you're lucky enough to have the opportunity!" - Darren Houston

"We finally caught up to you at the Cornbread Festival. We would like you to set up shop outside of our home, please. Every day. Every. Day." - Jeff White


"Two words: persimmon pie. Oh yeah, the Ragnar was unreal too." - Aaron Reddin

"We had the WunderBus at my husband's birthday party, and they not only themed the menu specific for him (so perfect/precious!) and coordinated with our theme/color scheme, but served up the best REAL, NATURAL phenomenal food for big & little kids too! Fresh baked buns, brats & frankfurters that tasted like REAL meat, lavender coleslaw that is to-die-for, and fresh toppings and condiments, all made it feel like our own little Oktoberfest!"Jennifer Anderson

"BEST food I have ever had. Hands down. I have no other words to explain how amazing it is!" - Emily Hurell

"The Wunderbus was parked outside of my work tonight, & although I wasn't working we still made a trip for some yummy deserts! The brownie & bread pudding is amazing!! Not to mention the sliders! Run by the sweetest lady! So glad we made the trip out tonight!" -  Mary Elizabeth Moix

"Yet another incredible meal from the folks at The WunderBus! This time, it was breakfast. Charles had the biscuits and gravy. He loved how the biscuits were nice and crunchy on the bottom. I had the Teddy Roosevelt. A HUGE concoction of sausage, potatoes, squash, greens, fried egg, and sausage gravy to top it all off. The food is amazing and the folks running it are awesome!" - Wendy McCloud

"The WunderBus was WunderFul! Had the Joni Mitchell, the Charlie Daniel, and the German stew....yummmmmm" - Elaine Nesmith

"The Black Forrest Cherry cake was the best ever. I could eat one entire cake myself if that were advisable. Really friendly people!" -Joseph Brajcki 

"FINALLY got to try the Wunderbus and I was thrilled!!! Everything was great but to list just a few highlights: lavender coleslaw, perfectly spiced pork shoulder, some magical green potato salad and GOUDA. SAUCE. Also the Russian tea cookies had the exact right balance of vanilla in them, the Black Forest cake was decadent and rich and delicious. Excited to go back!!!" - Sarita Perez

"I had breakfast at the WunderBus this morning. They cooked me a special meal to fit my diet. It was absolutely delicious-exceptional service and wonderful food!"Amy Simmons Ricardo

"Amazing! Tasted fresh, unique, and healthy! I loved everything about the plate I got. I will be back for sure when WonderBus comes back to Conway!" - Melissa Beard

"Wonderful food! Fantastic service! We will be back to try more!" - Lance McGhee

"The menu contained several selections. The staff was FUN and courteous. And of course the German food was delicious. Keep up the good service!!"Jimmie Brewer

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